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Monday, December 18

(I got) the sweetest feeling

Ecco la scaletta delle canzoni che sono state proposte da ZondaSeek alla seconda serata "The Kids at the Club":

Matt "Seek" Share:

Frou Frou - Old Piano
Kristeen Young - Life's Not Short, It's Sooooo Long
Sambassadeur - Between the lines
Eux Autres - Another Christmas At Home
The Icicles - Polyester Dress
Lucky Soul - Struck Dumb
The Boyfriends - Wonders Never Cease
Mersenne - There's a place
Albert Hammond, Jr - Everyone Gets A Star
Hefner - I Took Her Love For Granted
Amida - Class Of 2000
Pants Yell! - New #4
Guillemots - Trains To Brazil
The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost

Mark Zonda:

Dancing Baby - Tommy February6
Oboroge copy View - Halcali
How to survive a Broken Heart - Ben Lee
Dreams - Cranberries
Every day should be a Holiday - The Dandy Warhols
Far Gone Out - The Jesus and Mary Chains
Longjohns and Toques - The Bycicles
Why don't you give me your love - The Zutons
Carnival in Spain - Magneta Lane
Hot Kiss - Juliette and the Licks
Take it or leave it - The Strokes
Fire Sign - The Gossip
Gravity Rainbow (Van She tech remix) - The Klaxons
Into the atom age - XTC
IN the Morning - Junior Boys
Automatic Controll - Last days of disco
White Unicorn - Wolfmother
Yeah Yeah - Matt & Kim

3 appunti di viaggio:

Blogger Seek said...

E che diciamo del #3 ???
ormai su internet non si fa' che parlare d'altro...

3:15 PM

Blogger Zonda said...

Ci stiamo lavorando...

10:54 AM

Blogger Zonda said...

Per ora ti basti sapere che sara' il 3 Febbraio e ci saranno i Pecksniff :)

10:55 AM


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